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Original Non-Plagiarised Papers:

We assure you that the papers that you get will be original and not pre-written like many other websites. We write papers only after you place orders and do not supply readymade papers. Every paper is written by writers who are experienced and well aware of the issues that a student can face when a paper he submits is plagiarised. In addition to this the paper is thoroughly checked using the best plagiarism software and only after verification by our panel is sent to you. Writers who indulge in plagiarism or those whose work is found to be wanting will be promptly removed from our list of writers.

Native English Speaking Writers:

The writers that we supply are native English speaking individuals who hail from countries like the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. They will be able to write papers using their vocabulary in the language. This is bound to be much better than the papers that are written by writers who are not native speakers. In addition to this the writers are academicians and will be assigned papers in subjects that they have specialised in. This means that they will use the apt terminology that is suitable for the paper and the subject.

Unlimited Free Revisions:

We are aware that the customer has to be satisfied when he receives the paper. We ensure that our writers are aware of the fact that they may have to do as many revisions till the customer deems the paper fit for submission. These revisions will be free of cost. We will be sending the papers as early as possible to ensure that the customer has sufficient time to order for a revision and also for the writer to do the revisions before the stipulated deadline. We will not rest till the customer accepts the paper.

24/7 Customer Support:

We have a dedicated customer care network. Unlike other sites where they pass the buck from one department to the other, our customer care executives have access to the management and the writer. They will be able to give you the information that you need when the writer is writing your order. All details that you require will be given to you and this includes the progress of the writing as well as the mail ids of our writers with whom you may have to communicate during the writing process.