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Data Analysis service


Even though an abstract, an introduction, literature review are all important parts of the dissertation, it is the interpretation of the data that has been collected by the student that is the crux of any academic paper. It is how the student interprets the data that he has collected and applies to it to either support or dismiss the thesis statement that will be assessed by the faculty member. It requires a lot of expertise to analyse the data and interpret it into plain English. SPSS is software that is used to analyse data collected in fields as diverse as marketing to healthcare.

We have writers on our payroll who are statisticians as well. They can help students analyse the data and interpret it in a way that is relevant to the thesis question that was posed earlier in the paper. It is this analysis and interpretation that will be seen by tutors as the true test of an academic. A student of a subject like marketing or anthropology may be aware of what he wishes to do research upon but when it comes to analysis of large amounts of data it may prove to be an insurmountable task. Our writers will use the statistical tools and break down the data into comprehensible segments and gain useful information from it.